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Posted on Mar 5, 2012 | 0 comments

Asus Vulcan

Asus Vulcan

Asus Vulcan is one unique headset. Not only is it the first headset from Asus. It is also one of the first gaming headsets to feature noise cancelling technology to completely shut out any disturbing ambience while playing games. As it is a gaming headset it is part of the Republic of Gamers series that Asus uses for their premium hardware, specifically tailored towards enthusiast gamers. It is possible to use the headset either in wired or wireless mode. While wireless probably is the best choice while gaming at home, for the added freedom. The wired option might shine to its full potential at LANs and tournaments where a lot of wireless noise may interrupt the transmission. Since it has noise cancellation features this headset is otherwise a perfect fit for large crowded areas where the ANC can work its magic to its full potential and let you focus 100% on your current gaming session.

Asus Vulcan

  1. The Worlds First ANC (noise cancellation technology) for Gamers
  2. Long-lasting comfort
  3. Immersive audio with 40mm drivers
  4. Rugged Carbon Shield
  5. Durable and detachable cable
  6. Detachable noise-filtering microphone
  • Driver: 40 mm
  • Earphones: 10 ~ 20000 Hz
  • Battery life: Up to 40hours
  • Weight: 325 grams
  • Noise Cancellation Performance Active : Maximum > 15 dB 85 % ambient noise cancellation Passive : Maximum > 30 dB

Asus Vulcan

The Bottom Line

Starting off with the construction itself. We find that reviewers are happy with the overall durability and comfort. The headset is very light on the head and comfortable. On of the reviews state that this headset might be the most comfortable headset available on the market. The fact that the headset is foldable for transportation leaves the reviewers somewhat divided. On one hand it’s a great feature that the headset is foldable so it is easier to transport the headset to remote locations. This is also where the noise cancelling functionality truly shines. On the other hand the joints tend to be a little loose and the headset will often fold when you take the headset off, maybe just for a small break. Last the headset requires one single AAA battery to power the ANC functionality. While this doesn’t add much to the overall weight or functionality, this may become a nuance once it needs to be replaced, keep one spare close to your computer!

Sound quality. The focus on this headset is definitely the ANC. It works wonders if you have a loud computer or playing on LANs. If your gaming station is completely silent you may very well be better off with just the isolation from the ear cuffs. The noise cancellation from the ANC works best in games, if you spend most of your time listening to music or watching movies you might want to disable ANC or choose another headset completely. What happens is that the ANC cuts some of the base and flattens the overalls experience.


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