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Posted on Dec 21, 2011 | 0 comments

Corsair Vengeance 1500

Corsair Vengeance 1500

Corsair Vengance 1500 is built to fit even the most demanding gamers. Corsair Vengeance 1500 is equipped with Dolby certified technology to provide intense 7.1 surround sound in every game that supports it. In order to conquer “ear fatigue” Corsair has worked alot on the 3D feeling of the sound so it’s not that tiring to your ears and head. In addition to the surround sound, Corsair has equipped the Vengeance 1500 with 50mm drivers for a better and more smooth sound reproduction. They are claiming that the smaller 40mm driver often used in gaming headsets may cause distortion and other disturbances in the listening experience. The extra-large ear cups features a soft memory type of foam which makes the headset ideal for long gaming sessions. Corsair Vengenace 1500 is equipped with a USB connector only and comes with custom drivers from Corsair.

Corsair Vengeance 1500


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms @ 1kHz
  • Dynamic Range: 95dB (A-weighted)
  • Drivers: 50mm
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • USB power consumption: 250mW
  • Connector: USB Type A


  • Type: Unidirectional noise-cancelling condenser with adjustable, rotating boom
  • Impedance: 2.2k Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz to 10kHz
  • Sensitivity: -44dB (+/-3dB)

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The Good

  • The design.
  • Virtual surround sound.
  • Exceptional build quality.
  • Software utility.
  • Equalizer
  • Great sound quality
  • Decent Comfort
  • Digital In-line controls
  • Very loud without distortion
  • Durable, Braided Cable

The Bad

  • Premium price
  • May apply to much pressure to the head
  • The bass is lacking
  • Control Panel Software not included (has to be downloaded separately)
  • Surround sound isn’t convincing

Corsair Vengeance 1500

The Bottom Line

The overall construction is very good. All reviews we have read are on the clear that this headset has a sturdy and good-looking hardware.  Some reviewers are saying that the headset clamps a bit hard on the head causing discomfort after any longer session of gaming. Besides that one of the reviews wants Corsair to offer exchangeable leather ear cups for those who prefer an extra isolation around the ear. The headband is very good at taking the weight of the Corsair Vengeance 1500 away from the ears so it rests nicely upon the users head.

The sound from Corsair Vengeance 1500 somewhat divides the reviewers. While most agree that the overall sound quality is very good. A few are asking for more power in the bass while other are happy with how it show explosions in games. While everyone like the 1500 features 7.1 surround sound, a few reviewers don’t think they give enough surround feeling even tho the overall sound is good enough

Complaints are being made about the fact that any software is not provided inside the package. You will have to visit the Corsair homepage to download the most recent version of the drivers and software. While this is not a big deal if you have a continuous connection to the internet and the fact that an absent cd-rom is saving the environment, make sure you are not unpacking this headset while away from internet. The Corsair Vengeance 1500 software leaves nothing else to ask for, it has a clean and fast interface and the equalizer settings are really powerful.

Last the Corsair Vengeance 1500 headset is placed in an odd price-range. It’s hard to find any direct competition and this makes it hard for a few reviewers to compare the headset correctly. Overall they are saying that the headset provides good value for the cost


Please notice that the video above also features an unboxing of the Corsair Vengeange 1500 little brother, Vengeance 1300

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