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League of Legends is a MOBA genre game. It’s recognized by its cartoony styled graphics. Every player controls a summoner that gains levels when you play games. The summoner may be specced for tanking, support or pure damage. Before every game, each summoner picks a champion to execute the summoner command during gameplay. The goal for each match is to destroy the enemy base. To do that your team needs to farm creeps for experience and raise defense towers in each lane. The opposing team has to defend using their own champions.

This new genre has blown up to a raging war between the current games. No longer is the popular WarCraft 3 mod the sole contender for players around the world. League of Legends has made a big name of themselves being one of the first “free-to-play” games ever to gain such following from players. Recent numbers show more than 30 million active account which is quite spectacular. With the success of the game comes a flourishing competitive gameplay, and professional players are streaming with a great number of viewers.


Reviewers Summary

As with all pure online games, the game itself is constantly changing. While the reviews give us a hint on what to expect from it. Certain elements might very well have changed since the review was written. Complaints are made towards the facts that there is only one map which is what this game is really all about. We think it’s better to judge this game by the cheer amount of players playing the game. Recently Riot Games Inc released some information indicating that the game has over 30 million active account which is quite astonishing.

The game has also or maybe because of the huge amount of active players been played in tournaments often. IEM is an european e-sports organisation that has successfully ran a few tournaments with the amount of spectating viewers in the hundred thousands. The latest announcement is that South Koreas biggest e-sports organisation KeSPA has picked up the game to be used in the Korean Proleague, with more and more teams signing up every day. If that was not enough the company that created the game, Riot Inc has announced that they will give out 5million US Dollars over the current official seasonal tournaments. To sum it up, if this is not an indicator that the game is a success we don’t know what is. Have you tried it, what do you think of the game, and how do you prefer to play it?

The Gear

Since this whole genre is new people have not really decided on what type of gear are preferred. A few companies such as Razer has recently made some gear specifically made for the growing MOBA market. Our intention is to collect a list of prefered gear from your, our opinion makers. Aswell as some of the best tailor-made gear on the market:

Razer Naga Hex




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League of Legends


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