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Posted on Mar 7, 2012 | 0 comments

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

The last chapter in the story of Commander Shepard and his crew. As the title suggest this is the third part of the series. The Mass Effect 3 is a fast paced Action-Rpg in a sci-fi setting. Over the course of the three games important choice has been made which will alter the outcome of the trilogy. The previous games have set the bar high with awesome critique, a failure with Mass Effect 3 is clearly not an option.

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: BioWare

Release Date: March 6th, 2012

Platforms: 360/PS3/PC


  • Fantastic, moving story that balances plot and character
  • Past and present choices impact the game in wonderful and unexpected ways
  • Much-improved level design leads to challenging, exciting battles
  • Fantastic art design makes great use of color and composition
  • Top-notch voice acting brings every major character to life.


  • Some glitches and bugs
  • Galactic travel and scanning aren’t much fun.

PS3: 93

Xbox360: 92

PC: 93

Video review from Gametrailers

Reviewers Summary

As shown above, BioWare has not let us down. All reviews are using the same glorifying words. Everyone is completely sold on Mass Effect 3. For people who are jumping on the series now with the third part will have to deal with the fact that all previous choices has been made by BioWare. But if you have played all the previous games you can import your save file and continue the story where you left off. This is where the game truly shines.

How did you play the previous games and how do you plan to take on Mass Effect part 3. On PC or console? Razer has prepared a set of specialised equipment to help you on the mission to save earth. Make sure to check them out. When fighting for survival of the human race, you can not afford to be lacking in the armor department!

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