Roccat Arvo

Roccat Arvo is a gaming keyboard. It connects to the computer via USB. The keyboard is not equipped with an USB hub on the back. It features 5 macro keys for optimised gaming. Roccat Arvo also have 3 special buttons under the space bar for easy access.

Roccat Arvo


  • Compact Keyboard Layout with 97 Keys
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • 197cm USB cable, cable diameter: 3mm
  • Keyboard Size
  • Maximum width ca. 14cm x ca. 39cm greatest length
  • System Requirements
  • Windows® XP/Vista®/Vista64®/Windows® 7
  • USB 1.1 Port
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Package Contains
  • ROCCAT™ Arvo Compact Gaming Keyboard
  • Inari Case Mission Book with ID Card
  • ROCCAT™ Arvo Driver CD incl. Manual (PDF)
  • Quick Install Guide

Roccat Arvo

The Good

  • Very small
  • Nice “touch”
  • Solid construction
  • Styling and design
  • Keys/typing experience
  • Macro keys and management
  • Unaltered keyboard layout
  • Simple drivers

The Bad

  • Not for heavy users of “extra keys”
  • No USB hub
  • Space saving features
  • Not fully backlit
  • Limited to just 5 macro keys
  • Tiny wrist rest

The Bottom Line

Arvo is a small keyboard from Roccat but its great. some gamers thinks ist have to few keys,(97)Their is not so much extra junk on it but the keys it have delivers big time. The 5 macro keys works perfect all the time and they are easy to install and save. the 3 extra keys right below space is a great touch for gamers who like to use their thumbs some more. Arvo is great for both typing and gaming.

Roccat Arvo


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Author: Oscar

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  • Nhum

    I can assure u all that this keyboard can take several hits after unsuccessful attempts ingame. Being a raging gamer can be expensive if you dont have the proper gear for it, but this one certainly does its job. I also prefer to have the function keys close to everything else since it allows smaller hands to reach them all.