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Posted on Jan 26, 2012 | 0 comments

Roccat Isku

Roccat Isku

Roccat Isku features a very futuristic design. The keyboard is equipped with 123 keys to optimize your gaming. Some might say that a good gaming keyboard these days is required to sport mechanical keys. However Roccat Isku is built with high quality components and is supposedly a good keyboard for anyone without an APM at the highest levels. Isku have 5 macro keys giving the user the ability to customize its functionality.

Roccat Isku


  • Illuminated keyboard with 123 keys
  • Enhanced anti-ghosting capability
  • 3 programmable Thumbster Keys (T1-T3)
  • 5 programmable Macro Keys (M1-M5)
  • 20 added Macro Keys (Easy Zone)
  • 5 Profile-Status LEDs
  • 3 Status LEDs (Caps Lock, Easy Shift[+]™, Num Lock)
  • 1000Hz polling rate, 1ms response time
  • 2m USB cable

Roccat Isku

The Good

  •  Feels good to type on – soft/responsive
  •  Can combine with Kone[+] – ROCCAT Talk
  •  Lots of customisation available
  •  ROCCAT Software suite is unrivalled
  • Comprehensive configuration utility.
  • Plenty of dedicated macro buttons.
  • Top notch for gaming, little difference between this and expensive mechanical variants
  • Nice to type on, no real drop off in typing speed with membrane switches
  • T 1-3 keys were a great addition. I’d like to see these on more keyboards
  • Lights and layout are great
  • Easy shift and macro keys give great customisation
  • Plastic edges protect switches from food and other detritus

The Bad

  • Requires a bit of usage adjustment
  • Gets dirty very easy
  • Lacks USB/Audio jacks
  • Membrane, not mechanical.
  • Multimedia keys aren’t backlit.
  • Glossy plastic.
  • Roccat TALK feels redundant
  • Typing a little stiffer than on mechanical
  • Wrist rest could be longer

The Bottom Line

This keyboard from Roccat s great keyboard but people thinks it would have been just a bit better if it was mechanical. The software works perfect, the macro keys really helps you to improve your gaming. The design is cool it have a bit of futuristic look. Isku works great for both gaming and typing.


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